German Society for Membrane Technology e.V.

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The DGMT was founded in the year 2000 as an affiliation of members from the following sectors:
Plant Construction, Membrane manufacturing, Advisory and consulting services, Research and development, Membrane equipment operators, Interested experts from various fields.
The declared objective is to promote membrane technology and its application in Germany. The DGMT sees itself as an unbiased mediator between the users of membrane processes and specialist enterprises in the membrane technology sector. Read more....



DGMT Conference "Latest Advances in Membrane Technology"

8. - 9. February 2017, Hotel Gude Kassel

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the DGMT conference 2017 on the topic of the latest
advances in membrane technology. More...

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DGMT Forum at the fair Wasser Berlin International 2017

30. March 2017, Berlin

Join the forum organised by the DGMT working group "micropollutants" at the fair Wasser Berlin
International 2017 in Berlin. More...

DGMT Events

DGMT Annual Meeting, Kassel 07.02.2017

DGMT Conference, Kassel 08.-09.02.2017

DGMT get-together, Stuttgart 29.03.2017

DGMT Forum,
Berlin 30.03.2017

Water Technology Industry Days, Dortmund 14.-15.11.2017


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