Future of RO Membranes

Future of RO Membranes

7. February 2018, Duisburg

The DME GmbH will be hosting an event on the topic of the Future of RO Membranes on Wednesday, 7. February 2018 in Duisburg in cooperation with the DGMT e.V.

Membrane development is going very fast. New materials are developed, new composites are introduced, new concepts are published. This Seminar will give the overview of what is coming next in RO Membrane development and sales to get the participants up to speed in one go.

Since the first RO plant has been erected the development of membranes has continuously proceeded further. The quality of membranes has been improved and the membrane technology diversified. Nowadays RO Membranes are pushed to the limits and new material and manufacturing developments opening and absorbing old and new markets.

At the end of the presentations the speakers will answer all your questions and discuss with you.
This Seminar gives a compact vendor’s overview about the existing membranes for membrane plants and the different fields of application in Europe and the Arabian countries. Latest R&D developments will be presented. In 2018 this is the first advanced seminar. 

This seminar is primarily aimed at representatives of companies and universities as well as representatives of research and those who want to acquire this special know-how.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Panglisch and Dr. Ibrahim ElSherbiny from the University Duisburg-Essen will be rewieving the R&D side.

Furhter more representatives from DOW, Suez/GE, Koch, Toray, Lanxess, MunichRe, MemRe and GEDORE will be giving key note talks.

Please find more information, the detailed program of the event and the registration details at the DME website: