Water Graduate School at the University of Duisburg-Essen

The University of Duisburg-Essen has been hit by a cyber attack and has taken down its entire IT network including the website of the Centre for Water and Environmental Research (ZWU). Until we´re back online, we will temporarily use the DGMT website to communicate and share information with you.

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About the Water Graduate School

The aim of the Water Graduate School (WGS) is to create a comprehensive structured program for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers in water research at the University of Duisburg-Essen. The WGS is located at the ZWU and at the profile focus „Water Research“. The Water Graduate School will be open to all doctoral and postdoctoral researchers working on water-related research topics. In addition to the overall topic „water“, all members will be assigned to three different core areas of research based on their research topic (water quality; urban water cycle; or biodiversity), which will allow specific offers based on the topic (e.g., workshops, summerschools etc.). Furthermore, all postdoctoral researchers have the option to select a so-called „focus“ (supervision; teaching; or project management) in order to be best prepared for their future career path through special offers (e.g., soft skill workshops, mentoring, etc.). Well-established training structures (e.g., GC-Plus, RAR, etc.) will be complemented with innovative new ideas. The WGS structure will be based on a „training program“ already implemented in the IRTG of the CRC RESIST 1439 and will include an (interdisciplinary) supervisory team consisting of two academic mentors and one non-academic mentor. All members of the Water Graduate School will have access to and benefit from the excellent network of the ZWU.

Learn more about the WGS and join us at the opening ceremony of the WGS!

You are a doctoral or postdoctoral researcher and would like to apply for the WGS? We´re happy to hear from you!
Get in touch with our WGS coordinator: Vanessa Kramer

The Opening Ceremony of the WGS

The opening ceremony of the WGS will be held in Essen at the Glaspavillon on March 22nd 2023.

Learn more about the WGS and join us at the opening ceremony!


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