Sumitomo Chemical Europe

Sumitomo Chemical Europe provides a wide variety of functional chemical products that contribute to reducing the environmental impact as well as to conserving energy and natural resources.

Such products include super engineering plastics, high-performance polymer additives and rubber chemicals, alumina and aluminum used for energy-efficient products and lithium-ion secondary battery materials used in electronic components and next-generation vehicles.

Our super engineering plastics offer excellent heat resistance, strength, chemical resistance, and processability.

Our  high-performance resins are:

- Polyethersulfone (PES) is used as a high-performance separation membrane material but is also being used is a heat-resistant coating, in electrical and electronics applications as well as carbon fiber composites in aeronautics. Our PES products come in different molecular weights and viscosities tailored for ultimate performance in dialysers, water filtration membranes and all types of coatings.

- Liquid crystalline polymer (LCP) is used in the manufacture of electrical and electronic products and is expanding into applications in the industry and automobile areas.