German Society for Membrane Technology

The German Society for Membrane Technology (DGMT) was founded in 2000 as a society of membrane and module manufacturers, plant constructors, consultants, operators of membrane plants, research institutes and interested experts from various fields of work to promote the use of membrane technology in Germany.

Initiative - Forum - Network


The society structure of the DGMT enables each member to get personally involved. The commitment of each individual results in a broad spectrum of knowledge, information and contact transfer:

  • Further education (seminars, conferences, training courses)
  • Communication (regulars table, general meetings)
  • Information (newsletter „Ticker“, website, bibliography)
  • Service (specialist and industry-oriented mediation, trade fair presence)
  • Specialized groups

The cooperation in the DGMT thus enables the economic success as well as the personal and professional development of all DGMT members in the interest of membrane technology.


The DGMT sees itself as a forum for its members and thus for the entire field of membrane technology.
The wide range of offers includes:

  • Presentation of innovations (conferences, seminars)
  • Joint DGMT exhibitions booths
  • Representative events (e. g. anniversary celebrations, Kassel conference, general meetings)
  • Result-oriented, trustworthy communication

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In order to continue to promote the positive development of membrane technology over the past decades, the DGMT consistently invests in the expansion of networks:

  • Holding joint events with industry-related professional associations
  • Formation of working groups (e. g. Membrane and water, membrane and production, membrane and gas)
  • Cooperation with other membrane associations from neighboring European countries to promote international exchange, the development of new ideas and perspectives

In addition the DGMT acts as a company-neutral intermediary between users of membrane processes and specialist membrane technology companies.

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